Corporate Social Responsibility

Hass Holding and the companies, which make up the group, from the very beginning of their activity, carry out pro-social and philanthropic activities. The companies initiate and implement charity and pro-environmental campaigns, and support the most interesting cultural projects and events Hass Holding’s social responsibility also reflects the transparency of the company’s business practices and adherence to corporate governance principles, as well as concern for the development of employees and the natural environment.

People of the Sea Foundation

2004, and in 2005 it obtained the status of a public benefit organization (OPP).

The main purpose of establishing the Foundation was to create a platform for assistance and agreements for the victims and their families in connection with catastrophes or accidents at sea, in particular for the families of seafarers – victims of the “Jan Heweliusz” ferry shipwreck who are in a particularly difficult financial or life situation.
The purpose of the Foundation is also to help people waiting for difficult or expensive medical treatments, financing medical procedures, treatments and rehabilitation, financing the purchase of specialized medical equipment, medical supplies and drugs, funding scholarships, supporting talented people, who cannot pursue their projects due to on the lack of financial resources.

The foundation does not run business activity. The Foundation’s activity is based on voluntary funds submitted by companies and individuals.


Magdalena Hass Foundation

Magdalena Hass Foundation, founded in 2017, is an organization whose activities are focused primarily on helping people in a difficult life situation.

Among the statutory goals of the foundation is to help refugees and support their education, initiate and support solutions in the area of protection of civil rights and freedoms, dissemination of the awareness of democratic law, in particular, the protection of human rights, representatives of ethnic and religious minorities, and women’s and children’s rights. Magdalena Hass Foundation also works for organizations whose statutory objectives are scientific, scientific-technical, educational and cultural activities, environmental protection, promotion of sport and physical culture, health care, social assistance and charity.



People of the Sea Foundation


Magdalena Hass Foundation